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Some beginning readers find blending extremely difficult. Too often, by the time they have sounded through the letters, they have forgotten the initial phoneme and need to start again on the same word. Very frustrating for the student! Some decodable series move faster than these students can manage though two (in), to three (pin), to four (spin) and five phoneme words (spins). For these students a slower approach allowing lots of repetition and mastery is needed. I also use onset-rime for such students where the rime and patterning boosts success.

GraphoGame helps kindergarten and primary school children learn to read and spell their first letters, syllables and words. No ads, no in-app purchases and fully offline. GraphoGame’s evidence-based blended phonics and onset-rime teaching approach. Developed in collaboration with the University of Cambridge Centre for Neuroscience in Education, GraphoGame is the result of decades of research in dyslexia, neurolinguistics and neuropsychology.

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