About Ely Education

Since 2007, Ely Education has been using only evidence based, explicit, direct and systematic teaching to allow students to flourish. We do not teach to a set curriculum. We teach what students need to know. The phrase 'get better at' is really at the heart of what we are all about. No matter what skills and knowledge a student brings to the learning situation, our job in to assess, plan and implement a tailored learning program of academic growth. We are about closing the gap between struggling students and their peers.

All learners struggle. That is what learning is all about – the shift from finding something difficult to managing it with ease; the shift from not knowing to knowing; the shift from feeling incompetent to having authentic trust in ones skills and knowledge. Learning is a snowballing, life-long event – new competencies and new knowledge create the impetus for further layers of learning. If fact, for most of us, this is unstoppable. It seems that we all have a deep human need to learn and grow, to learn and grow, to learn and grow.


Yet, we all know what it feels like to find something difficult, when learning stalls. It is uncomfortable. For those well-resourced with strong literacy, numeracy, personal and social skills, the road forward may not be so challenging as the tools to push ahead are readily available. For those who lack foundational skills, the mountain can seem too high so that discouragement, disengagement and self-protective behaviours of avoidance result.


A little help along the way is needed. The mission of Ely Education is to help struggling learners achieve – to move further along a learning continuum by removing the blockers of low literacy and numeracy.


With many years of experience, a passion for keeping up to date with evidence- based learning, and a love of seeing learners glow with knowing they can 'do it', I too experience the joy of helping any struggling or disengaged learner.

I offer specialist teaching for any student with reading, writing and numeracy difficulties. I have specialised in the field of learning difficulties including dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia. I also offer small group sessions for secondary age students wishing to develop writing, reading and vocabulary.